A six-month group for 5 designers ready to level-up
and contribute their best work to the world.

what value will i recieve?

  • Get crystal clear on the problem right now, and what the solution might look like. 
  • Feel alive, fulfilled, and energized because you're solving problems that matter. 
  • Save time, money, and energy that would have otherwise been spent “blocked” or “working really hard” toward your goals.
  • Level-up as a creative — learn to demonstrate the qualities that you see in the art, business, and design leaders you most admire.
  • Grow as a human — what you'll learn is a posture and way of being that brings flow to every aspect of your life. 

is this for me?

See yourself in any of these statements?

"My job is so draining."
“I have no energy to be creative on nights and weekends."
"The design work I'm doing is rushed/boring/soulless. My company doesn't know or care what great design is." 
"I have lots of ideas, but don't know what to focus on."
"I'm grateful for my job, but I just don't care about [product/company]."
"I feel like I'm wasting my potential." 

This is NOT for you right now if:

  1. You're just looking for help editing your resume and applying to jobs.
  2. You're content with where you are in your career. 
  3. Doing creative, fulfilling work isn't a priority right now. 
  4. You believe "a job's a job"—you put in the hours, and live life the rest of the time. 
  5. You're not totally ready for change (change = a journey + applying pressure).

what is coaching all about?

As your coach, I support you to:

  • See clearly the contributions you’re here to make
  • Breakthrough your familiar stopping points
  • Take action with ease and joy (instead of the familiar struggle)
  • Celebrate your successes to rewire your brain to see possibility

I’ll help you clear the lost, overwhelmed, scattered feeling that often happens when you're going for something important. When it's gone, you'll see exactly what you need to do next.

Coaching brings lasting change—advice, a 3-step prescription, and lists of tips can't come close.  

You’ll be with 3 other like-minded-and-hearted folks who are ready to do more creative, fulfilling work. You'll get coached every minute—direct coaching from me every session, plus indirect coaching by being present for your groupmates and looking for your lesson there. 

who is leading this group?


Hi, I'm Kat, your coach and sherpa on this journey.

I used to have a career that wasn't right for me. My outer life didn't match my inner values. That clash showed up in my life as burn-out, boredom, anxiety, stress, depression, living a busy-trap life, and taking lots of trips to Netflixland. Now, I love every single minute of the work I do. 

I adore art and office supplies, reducing my carbon footprint, museums, forest bathing, and drizzling algae oil over all my food (umami-o-rama!).

how does it work? What will I get?

The group goes for six months. This allows us to create a tight-knit team of support, and you to set and score meaningful goals—with us right there with you for the whole journey.

Two 2-hour calls per month: We’ll meet for two group sessions per month, each session is 2 hours long.

Join by video or phone: We will meet via video chat on the Zoom platform, the next best thing to being in a room together. You can also call in by phone.

Get coached every time: You will be coached every session. 

Semi-private coaching: This group will have 4-5 people in it, so you'll get the support you're here for. 

Unlimited text support: In between our coaching sessions, we can text back and forth to talk about your questions, challenges, and celebrations.

Facebook Group: Use our group for sharing celebrations, pairing up with support buddies, asking questions, and cheering each other on.

Handouts and slides: I'll share occasional tools and handouts so that you can take the lessons from our coaching conversations and easily put them into action in your life. 

Video recordings: You will get video recordings of every session.

our schedule

We’ll meet for our live sessions on Tuesdays, 5-7pm Pacific Time, on the dates below.

Can’t make some of the live sessions? No worries! You’ll get a recording of each session no later than 48 hours afterward— plus, you can always take advantage of the unlimited text support and Group Chat.

Not available these dates/times? If you’re clear that you would join if the sessions were just at a different time (or day), let me know. We may start a second group with enough interest. 

Our 12 group coaching sessions will be on:

  • September 4, 2018
  • September 18, 2018
  • October 9, 2018
  • October 23, 2018
  • November 6, 2018
  • November 20, 2018
  • December 4, 2018
  • December 11, 2018
  • January 15, 2019
  • January 29, 2019
  • February 5, 2019
  • February 19, 2019

Your investment

You will get far more than your investment’s worth in this program.

My private coaching rate is $10,200 for 24 hours of coaching. In this group, you'll receive 24 hours of coaching for:

One-payment discount: Save 10% if you pay in full when you register. (10% discount amounts to: $2295, compared to $2550)

Bring-a-friend discount: If a friend enrolls because of your invitation, you both get 20% off. (20% discount amounts to: $340/mo for 6 months)

Early bird bonus: If you sign up by August 15, 2018, you get a bonus 60-minute private coaching session with me ($425 value). We can clarify your vision and design your goals for this program, which will give you a springboard start.  

When should I register? This group is capped at 5 participants. I'll do my best to let folks know when it’s close to filling up so you can sign up while there's still space. You can register up until the first session of the group (September 4th).

yes, i'm in!

Summary of what you get: 12 semi-private coaching sessions (2 hours each) to support you to create meaningful work, unlimited text support from Kat, an intimate community of support, Group Chat, session recordings, digital handouts

I'd like to hear more. Can we chat? 

Of course! It’s important to me that every participant in the group is clear that this is the best place for them to get support right now.

No sales-y stuff, no pressure, just a chat to see what will serve you best and answer your questions.

If we see this group isn’t the right fit for you, I’ll do my best to connect you with resources, programs, and coaches who might be, given your vision and goals right now.

To all our shared adventures ahead!

Much love,

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