Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a coach is a decision to create extraordinary change in your life, but it isn’t right for everyone. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions so you can decide whether working with me is the right thing at the right time for you. 

What will I get? 

Were you to hire me as your coach, you will:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Focus your energy where it matters
  • Direct yourself toward fulfilling, creative work
  • Leverage your unique strengths
  • Take smarter, more consistent action
  • Master your internal stopping points
  • Prioritize your time
  • Gain tools and skills for consistently creating rarefied work that stands out

How does it work?

  • 60-min Clarity Session
  • Signed Coaching Contract—if we're a great fit, we then establish agreements and begin work together
  • Three (3) 45-min coaching sessions per month (in-person at my San Francisco office, or by phone)
  • Text and email support between sessions

how much does it cost?

$4500 in full, or $850 per month. It costs your time, energy and dedication as well.

There are two reasons it's not free, nor cheap. First, working with me requires significant commitment: not just time, but the decision to change your life and do fulfilling, creative work. Hiring me is to invest in yourself and where you want to be. That's part of why my clients see results.  

Second, to create a space that supports you at the highest level, I make the same significant commitment to your vision. That makes us a powerful team, holding your clarity, focus, and success above everything. 

If this kind of change or investment is too much, I completely understand. Now is probably not the right time.

What are your hours?

I normally work with my clients Monday through Friday, 10am-7pm Pacific Time. 

How do I know if we're a fit?

When hiring a coach, these are all important considerations: chemistry, compatibility, approach, and experience level in your particular goals. I recommend setting up an interest chat with 4-5 coaches who have helped their clients get extraordinary results, and seem to resonate with you. It's usually free, because coaches want to know if you're a fit for them, too. 

As for you and me, we'll find out pretty quickly when we meet ☺️

To see if we'd be a great fit, you can first read about what it's like to work with me and schedule a free 15-min Coaching Interest Chat below: