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melissa wong: From indecision to calm, clear focus
Co-founder @ new women space, brooklyn, ny

I was seriously amazed by how much ground we covered in my Clarity Session with Kat. We moved seamlessly from broad strokes to clearly defined action steps in a way that made me felt both held and pushed. I emerged from the session with an "ah-ha" that I'd been struggling to articulate and face on my own.

Kat has a human, methodical way of guiding you through the murk of your mind and (in)decisions to a point of calm and clear focus. This session has positively impacted the way I structure my time and attention around my business and side projects. 

Tam pham: one of the best decisions i've made this year
writer & course leader @ bot academy, san carlos, ca

After 3 months of working with Kat, I am much more aware of what I really want out of life and rewrote all my life goals. I've identified the exact reason why I failed to change my behavior every time I tried out a new habit or hobby — that one realization probably saved me years. 

I used to look down on “life coaches”, but after working with someone who really knows what they’re doing, I’d recommend everyone get a formal coach/mentor. One of the best decisions I've made this year.

alan gaskill: 500% more income per project
video storyteller & trainer, berkeley, ca

I'd struggled for a long time with charging what I'm worth. In one call, Kat helped me transition from running willy-nilly after any work I could get, at any price, to setting a day rate and billing clients at the outset. I now make 500% more income per project AND am getting higher-quality clients and projects.

She facilitated this change in a way that no book or self-help course on selling could have. My conversations with her continue to help me grow my video-storytelling business.

becca welna: a new career in 6 weeks
youth yoga teacher, minneapolis, MN

Kat's Mastermind group was an incredibly effective and helpful process for me. I came to the group feeling stagnant and burnt out in my work, knowing that I needed a change but unsure how to move forward. After six short weeks, I took the first steps towards a brand new career as a youth yoga teacher and am now actively working in my new position. Kat facilitated the group with flexibility and joyfulness while still providing much needed accountability toward our goals. Activities were well-tailored to the specific needs of the group and felt purposeful and valuable.


connie zheng: Accepted to fully-funded mfa program
mfa candidate
artist & researcheR

When I decided to apply to an MFA program, I was overwhelmed with all that I had to pull together and the uncertainty looming before me. I couldn't have gotten as far as I did without Kat. She's a master facilitator and coach, with a talent for breaking apart a nebulous problem into manageable pieces. What's even more amazing is that she accomplishes this while making you feel supported, heard and like you are constantly on the cusp of a breakthrough. 

She has my deepest gratitude as I begin graduate school in the fall.

dace hines: more and better content
photographer, San francisco

Kat is a seriously talented mentor and coach. She helped me identify a few blockers that were holding me back from producing both the quantity and quality of content that I felt I was capable of. She didn’t tell me how to do anything, instead expertly leading me down a path of self-inquiry to help me find the answers on my own.

The result is more and better content. I've felt a distinct creative shift in my approach to photography ever since: have produced more work, said yes to more projects, and experienced a deeply satisfying level of creative growth since working with her. 

andrea nitsche-krupp: one chapter in one month
ph.d. candidate @ nyu
curator & art historian, urbana, IL

In one month, Kat helped me overcome a significant dissertation hurdle: completing a full chapter. If you've been working on a writing project on and off for literal years, you understand what a practical and emotional success this is. 

Bottom line: working with Kat facilitated my most productive writing period, which coincided with two fellowship applications and the 9th month of my pregnancy. No small feat! I feel better about my work and my relationship to it.

max diamond: shaping modernist cuisine
R&D Chef, imagine Food group, Seattle

My coaching journey with Kat energized me to merge my creative passions and professional development. Through our work, I've gained clarity in balancing long-term, big picture goals and how to break them down into realistic chunks to achieve on a weekly basis.

I’m currently developing a broad course on Modernist cuisine methods suitable for professional chefs and avid home cooks alike.

stephanie caruso: from notes → 100+ pages written
ph.d. candidate @ nyu
art historian, new york, ny

Since I started working with Kat in September 2016, I have written over half of my dissertation. She's helped me become much more aware of my working process so that I can be as productive as possible. My discussions with her have been engaging and many times have helped me push through road blocks—particularly with respect to getting and staying organized—that were slowing down my progress. I am confident that working with Kat will keep me on track for completing my dissertation by the end of this year!     


AMy mullan: keeping on track with goals
event planner, san francisco

Working with Kat enabled me to really focus on what I was trying to achieve in my creative pursuits and how best to do so. In our sessions, she helped craft a todo list and deliverable dates to keep me on track, and help remove blocks and talk through things related to achieving my goals that I felt uncomfortable about.

She was the first person to point out that I was actually doing what made me come alive on a creative and personal level. Highly recommend Kat to help you on your creative journey, no matter what it entails!

jennie yoon: making music again
partnerships manager, SAN FRANCISCO

Almost 10 years into my career, I found the days engrained in monotonous routine. Kat's post about the importance of having a hobby inspired me to finally act on my interest in music therapy, something I had been thinking about but too scared to act on for years.

With her help, I formed a band with some friends and now we play music for the elderly.




BEN WARREN: out of career limbo and WRITING DAILY

The progress I made with Kat is sustaining. I started working with her while in career limbo; it felt like mud was swallowing me up. Session after session, I got a little further out of the mud, until one day I was out.

Working with Kat was foundational to building my current ability to check myself, keep up momentum, and stay open to possibilities. The energizing dialogues I had with Kat led me to return to my writing practice, and re-established my interest in Zen meditation.


andrea slinde: creative entrepreneurship
founder, denver, co

My session with Kat, along with her thoughtful follow ups, allowed me to hold myself accountable with my professional and creative goals. I think often about our session and use it as a guiding principle in my daily life.

Thanks to Kat's tactful, patient, and graceful approach, I'm now able to give myself permission to use my creativity as an outlet for self-care, which allows for more effective follow-through on my professional goals and daily workflow as an entrepreneur.


tina hepton: re-defining after-school education
artist & educator, SAN FRANCISCO

Kat is a glowing being to work with. Thanks to our work together, Wednesdays are designated as my studio time, every week. She also helped me see through a lens I hadn't considered: the after-school program I run is a living work of art. 

I loved having her review my sketchbooks. Hearing her thoughts on my work was wonderful.  I would highly recommend her wit and wisdom to others. 


lillian nguyen: breaking through mental blocks
vp of sales, san Francisco

Kat helped me break through some long-standing mental blocks I’ve unconsciously built up throughout my life. She created a space that allowed me to feel comfortable but also excited, because my success was tangible. She asked the right questions, and carefully and professionally asked me to backtrack to the root of what might be the problem -- all with the gentle, constructive, and motivating guidance that is needed when speaking about sensitive topics.

As a result of our coaching sessions, I truly believe that I'm a happier person. 

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micah davis: living a creative life
pr & marketing, seaside, fl

Throughout my sessions with Kat, I began to see that the creative challenges I faced were ones that many others come up against -- including herself -- and that these challenges could be met and overcome.  She gave me tools I needed to push past my mental roadblocks and continue building the creative life I wanted for myself.   

I went from someone who wanted to live a creative life but didn’t know how, to feeling like I have the skills and knowledge to create that life for myself.  I can’t recommend her coaching more highly.  I know that if and when I hit a roadblock in my work again, her expertise will be the first resource I turn to.