Why creating is painful sometimes

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This idea applies to whatever your craft may be.

I used to think there was 1 role I played whenever I set out to write something. Namely, “Writer”. Here is a snow-white, blank space with a blinking cursor in front of me and “Writer” would somehow, often painfully, write.

There are actually 3 roles to play in successfully publishing a piece of writing:

1. Contributor: Decide on a topic that will support others.

2. Writer: Allow yourself to just write what comes, unedited.

3. Editor: Check for concept, clarity, contribution, and coherence (grammar!).

Play your roles in order—it makes a difference, just like the steps of a recipe matter.

Each role needs its own time and space on your calendar, because you are showing up 3 very different ways.

Diving in without clear intent can make any creative process painful.