Shoot for "awkward but great"

Growth doesn't happen when you're cozied up on the couch watching a movie you've watched 5 times before. You know this. 

It doesn't really happen when you're watching anything. Don't get me wrong — you learn plenty through observation. But actual growth? Expanding your impact and value on this planet is not a spectator sport. It happens through doing, practice.

This day last year, I had my very first coaching client call. In my journal, I wrote that it was "awkward but great". Awkward because I had no idea how to "do it right" (read: there's no such thing), and great because I was so happy to take the chance and run with it.

Let's talk about you, and your Thing. I hope it'll always be a little awkward. Resting on laurels of experience isn't the destination, as it turns out.