Don't keep your head down, look up

Is your energy dipping and motivation starting to flag? 90% of the time it's because you're "keeping your head down".

Symptoms of "Keeping Your Head Down"

  1. You're burnt out from overwork.
  2. You've been moving too fast, trying to do too much.
  3. You're outgrowing your current situation.

When stressed, it's easier to just focus on what's in front of you. This can look like too much thinking, to the point of analysis paralysis. Too much action without due thought. Just trying to get through the day instead of asking the tough questions:

  1. "Do I still like this?"
  2. "Is this still working?"

You can lose a lot keeping your head down.

Perspective. Context. And most of all, you lose touch with WHY you're doing this.

It's crucial to stay connected to your "WHY". HOW you work and WHAT you make/do can shift around and change beautifully if your WHY is solid and resonates.