Stop making New Year's Resolutions

Join me and do a quarterly focus instead. That's 4 foci per year, all leading up to a big goal. Here's how my goal of "wellness" looks like, batched out:

Q1 — Move well.

Jan: Move your body 20-30 mins a day.
Feb: Choose a fun movement practice and go 1x/week.
Mar: Start going 2x/week.

Q2 — Eat well.

Apr: Order literally colorful dishes at restaurants (more colors means more variety of nutrients).
May: Make sure half my plate (eating out or in) is veggies.
Jun: Cook 5-ingredient healthy dishes at home a couple times a week (cook time max 1 hr, pot-to-plate)

Q3 — Rest well.

Jul: Take a 10 min break every 90 mins of working.
Aug: Pick 3 priorities for the day and stick to them. 
Sep: No devices past 11pm.

Q4 — Connect well.

Oct: Say "Hello!" to one stranger a day.
Nov: Write an intro email to like-minded friends once a day.
Dec: Plan or attend a simple gathering once a week.

Wish me luck, and let me know if you want to join me! I'd be happy to set up a support group.