Everyone has one cup

My mother told me that cryptically one day; I'd just turned 19 and was railing bitterly against the latest perceived injustice. "This doesn't happen to other people, only me!" I cried.

"You may think others have so much more, but everyone has one cup of blessings."

"Wealthy people? They might lack true love or health.

Beautiful people? They might not have a lot of deep friendships or grit.

Stable people? They might lead less textured, rich lives, as a result of avoiding risks.

Wise people? They don't have their youth or innocence anymore.

Young people like you? They lack perspective," she explained, smiling.

Your cup is just as full as anyone else's. I want to layer onto my mother's wisdom, years later, with this added nuance:

Everyone has one cup. With gratitude, a growth mindset, and consistent showing up for yourself and your craft, the capacity of that cup grows without limit.