How to stay the course

I say this to myself every morning, before even a glass of water:

I am a ghost
Driving a meat-coated skeleton made of stardust
Riding a rock
Hurtling through space

It’s my day’s compass. It reminds me I’m doing the best with what I’ve got: a body and a brain that have immense potential but also very real limitations. 

My grapefruit-sized grey brain made of stardust, with all its best intentions, causes me to forget this, countless times per day. If I’m lucky, I remember to say it again. 

It’s a compass that keeps me going in the right direction — not a map. There is no go-to map to your success, you guys. Run away from anyone who tries to convince you there’s a plug-and-play formula or foolproof system to living the life you want. 

Find yourself a day’s compass; I love mine, you’re welcome to use it. Pro tip: A good day’s compass is usually a good life compass.