Important vs. Urgent

We confuse “important” with “urgent” a lot. What's the difference?

Urgent is something that has a timeline. It might often be what other people want you to do. This can simply be your manager or the tools we use to work: Your email client, your text message inbox, Facebook messages. There's a connection between urgency and other people.

Important is something that's key to your life's goals. Put what’s "Important" first.

Hardly anyone schedules the very important things that require a lot of self-motivation. I find this endearing about us. Case in point: are any of these on your calendar?

  • Appointment to Move Your Body, recurring, repeats on MWF

  • Appointment to Eat Real Food, recurring, repeats 3x a day

  • Appointment to Be Creative, recurring, repeats daily

  • Appointment to Sleep, recurring, repeats daily, duration 7–9 hours

  • Appointment to Meditate, recurring, repeats daily, duration 15-20 mins