The myth of "Now's not a good time"

You, 2016: "Yeah, I want to [change needed]. But now's not a good time because [excuse]."

Can I tell you something interesting?

I've found that the root cause of this excuse is usually thinking in extremes, aka unclear thinking because you're stressed. 

When you're worrying about your career, maybe these kind of thoughts have crossed your mind:

"I just want to quit my job and open a [record store/bakery/restaurant/yoga studio] (because that's my hobby). It's my dream." 
"But this career is the only thing I can do! My entire resume is [this one type of] experience."
"What's The One thing I'm supposed to be doing?!"

I don't believe that anyone has just one purpose or one specific line of work they're here to do. You're here to use your unique combo of talents, skills, vision, and experience to shake the world gently.

This can look like so many things. There's no perfect choice —if you're waiting for that, it's time to dissolve your fear. Seriously, lovely human. It's time. Fear that gets in the way of your growth is the worst. I will fight so hard to prevent you from succumbing to it. It won't win on my watch!

Go on, just go run one tiny experiment. In the words of my incredible friend Angel, "Whatcha got? What can you do? What do you like? What can you do in your sleep?" Get started. 

2016's about to go to bed soon, you guys. You've got a little over a month to slide into 2017 with the magic of a little momentum. Will you?