Permission to veg out

Embarrassing: Last week, I discovered a charming corgi on YouTube. I watched him eat vegetables, hide under his bed, and hop around like a bunny for... 6 hours over the course of 3 days. I'm not going to link you, to save you from yourself.

Last month, it was Kate McKinnon interviews, while my eyeballs became shining, candy red hearts.

Depressing: Recently, I spent probably 12 hours in one week on a total political junk food binge. I'm talking absolute trash on CNN and Fox News (I was trying to be... balanced?) There's a lot out there right now. Long ago, I also would binge watchHoarders on TLC because I was really sad but they seemed sadder.

There. I've aired my guilty pleasures. I know people who binge watch Christopher Nolan films all like, "I'm such a couch potato." No, you're not. That's FILM. Art. But is even this person immune to phases of vegging out?

I should say though, yesterday I worked a 12 hour day. And just like there is space for crazy workday sprints like that, there is space for getting in touch with what is squirting out the pop culture machine. Your brain gets fried sometimes, #giveyouabreak.

Okay, okay, here's the corgi.