A small but meaningful start

Wake-up call, eye-opening, et al. None of these words does justice to describe what is unfolding in our country. 

I'm feel such remorse. I've been living in the physical bubble of my city, and that has been greatly exacerbated by the social media bubble on my Facebook feed. Every one of my FB friends—those showing up on my feed, anyway—shares my shock and dismay. I've only now taken a significant amount of time to reflect on that. I've just now realized how insidiously dangerous virtual bubbles are. This is apparently what it took for me to look up and open my eyes. 

Pain is not to be wasted. Glennon Melton Doyle said something that's really stuck with me:

Pain is a traveling professor. Pain knocks & the wise say: Come in—sit with me. Teach me what I must know.

This is what I'm going to do immediately after posting this blog:

3-Point Plan to Burst Your Social Media Bubble

  1. Review my Likes on FB for housekeeping
  2. Like/follow several viewpoints on the other side of the aisle and beyond
  3. Put the "See First" function on FB pages to good use, to ensure the content gets to me

Grief and processing are necessary to be fully present for next steps. This is my humble step. What's yours?