Wanting help isn't enough

"I want to do it all by myself!"

A common cry from a child. Children from age 2 onward are rapidly realizing they are separate from their parents, and usually waste no time developing, exercising, and pushing for however much autonomy as they feel comfortable with.

Some of us still hold fast to this urge — I certainly did for too long. Trouble is, none of us can afford to stubbornly refuse help or guidance. It comes at too high a cost. No (wo)man is an island, and peerpower is stronger than willpower.

We live in the connection economy — there's no one right recipe for success, but chances are it involves:

  1. Connecting to people
  2. Making something that connects with people's hearts or brains.

In most cases, both. In other words: time, effort, dedication, consistency.

Whatever you're struggling with, ask for help. People want to help you and you'll get clarity faster. #adulting