Why you're restless

Human beings are wired to grow, wired to create. Why? Because we have the gift of imagination. 

Point at the moon to a dog, and the dog will look at your finger. Point at the moon to a baby, and the baby will look at the moon.

I think this is why we feel restless when operating below capacity. We look around, see problems and possible solutions everywhere. And if you feel unfulfilled at work, that's a big problem. When fear holds you back from finding a solution or taking a step towards change, it feels terrible. 

It doesn't matter what action words you use: offer value, serve, create, solve a problem, help. The more and thoughtfully you do it, the better the planet gets.

It happens to be the Supermoon tonight. The moon will be 20% closer to Earth, and possibly 20% more likely to inspire you. Look at it and let the ideas flow. Share them with someone you trust. Creativity is a habit and it starts with small steps like that.