Your power animal: The Lobster


Did you know lobsters can live up to 100 years? We can learn a lot from these wise, strong creatures. This is how they survive in the wild: 

A lobster's body is protected by her exoskeleton, or shell. However, the shell can't stretch as the lobster grows, so she has to crack it off and shed it periodically. 

As the shell gets smaller and smaller (and she herself bigger and bigger), the lobster is in a lot of pain. Finally, it gets to be too much, and CRACK. She busts out of the old shell, vulnerable. Then, she goes into hiding, awaiting her new shell to harden.

Dear one. Your shell is too small: Your belief that you're not good enough is too small and limiting for the big person you're becoming. 

Please crack it off. At first it will hurt, then you'll feel exposed. Take some time to strengthen your new shell, and come back, claws sharp!