You're in the catharsis business

One of the best drama critics of all time wrote:

Catharsis is the ability to bring intellectual clarity to emotional chaos.

Say emotions are running high and things are fraught in a TV show, play, or movie. When a character or event brings that chaos to a point where things can move forward, we all feel catharsis. 

Sought-after creatives are in the catharsis business.

Ask yourself: Why are they hiring me? The simple answer is because they like your work and want you to do that for them.

But why are they really hiring you? They feel a pain point. They want you to bring clarity to their purpose, the way they operate, the way their customers experience their brand, product, service.

There's a big difference between "what" they're hiring you to do, "why" they picked you, and "how" they want the partnership to go.