What it’s like to work with me

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— Sarah Donachie, Writer in New York City

— Sarah Donachie, Writer in New York City

Kat makes you feel supported, heard and constantly on the cusp of a breakthrough.
— Connie Zheng, Fellow at Headlands Center for the Arts
Kat helped me transition from running willy-nilly after any work I could get, at any price, to setting a day rate and billing clients at the outset. I now make 500% more income per project AND am getting higher-quality clients and projects.
— Alan Gaskill, Video Storyteller at Seenfire.com
Not only has Kat helped me achieve specific career goals, but she has been instrumental in helping me flourish as a creative individual!
— Giuseppe Vittiglio, Director of Product Design at The Corcoran Group
We moved seamlessly from broad strokes to clearly-defined action steps that made me feel both held and pushed. I emerged from the session with an “ah-ha” that I’d been struggling to articulate and face on my own.
— Melissa Wong, Program Designer at envelopeA+D and Co-Founder of New Women Space NYC
I’ve identified why I failed to change my behavior every time I tried a new habit or hobby — that realization probably saved me years. Hiring Kat is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.
— Tam Pham, MastermindTalks w/ Jayson Gaignard
Working with Kat facilitated my most productive writing period, which coincided with two fellowship applications and the 9th month of my pregnancy.
— Andrea Nietsche-Krupp, Assistant Curator of Media Arts at SFMOMA
Learning how to balance personal projects with paid projects was a chronic challenge. Working with Kat got me to rethink how I marshaled my time, energy and attention to make room for both.
— Steve Utaski, Director at Remedy Pictures


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