Dolores Park, The Mission District, San Francisco

Dolores Park, The Mission District, San Francisco


My work  

Hi, there! I’m Kat Koh: career coach for creative people and writer living in San Francisco.

I help creatives get clear on what’s next and get to work, so they can wake up and think, “I can’t believe I get to do this work”.

What you and I both know

☑️ A lukewarm career holds you back from fully loving your life. Of course it does, if you spend 40+ hours/week feeling tired and uninspired. 

☑️ Money can only buy so much.

☑️ A job is not just a job. Meaningful work is key to a fulfilling life. 

☑️ Creativity is a mind-body-spirit affair.

Seth    is just the best. 💙💖💚  📸  Paul Jun

Seth is just the best. 💙💖💚
📸 Paul Jun

The "on paper" stuff

Previously, I was a curator. I worked at:
San Jose Museum of Art | Venice Architecture Biennale
MoMA | Brooklyn Museum | Adobe Books Backroom Gallery

Got my MA in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, and dropped out of the Ph.D. program. 

Worked for Seth Godin and completed his acclaimed altMBA program. 

I’m a certified, International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach. My coach training program one of the most rigorous out there.

Recent press

Featured on CreativeMornings Weekly HighlightsHow to Overcome Creative Paralysis (January 2019)

How I can help you

I help creative people like you get clarity and go from where you are → where you want to be in career and life—with consistency, certainty, and ease.

My process is distinctly effective for today’s creatives. 

Some smart stairs, Santa Fe, NM

Some smart stairs, Santa Fe, NM

 No, thanks

These are 100% great places to be, but working with me is not for you if: 

You just want advice on resume, applying to jobs, interviews.
You're content with your career. 
You don't think of yourself as a creative person.
You believe "a job's a job"—put in the hours, get paid, repeat. 
You don’t want change (change = a journey + stress). 

Yes, please!

We might work well together if:

You're ready to step up and move forward. 
You're ready to do great work that stands out. 

It’s time to stop feeling limited, overwhelmed, and distracted.
You want something you've never had, so you’re willing to do something you've never done.